PEORIA, Ill., — Former Peoria county board member, Rachael Parker, is picking up where her predecessor Steve Sonnemaker left off.

Sonnemaker passed away from an illness mid-June after working for the Peoria County government for nearly four decades.

Thursday, Parker was appointed as the new county clerk.

The board came to a consensus, trusting that she is a great person for the role.

14 board members voted yes, two voted no and one abstained.

Parker said she is both excited and nervous, but looking forward to serving in her position.

“You really don’t know what you can do until you get in there, so since I haven’t worked in that office before it’s hard for me to just say what I’m going to go in there and do, but what I will say is customer service in that office is key and that’s one thing I know that I’m good at,” Parker said. So if that’s the only area that I can help improve then I’ve done something. So my goal is to do something to improve it from where it’s at now.”

Linda Daley was also appointed as the District 11 county board member.

Also, at Thursday’s meeting, the county board adopted minimal goals for projects they receive funding for.

One goal in the new state capital bill the Peoria county board hopes to get funding from is to increase the participation rate for minority and women-owned businesses.

This includes general contractors and the workforce on job sites.

“Mostly it’s going to be the minority and women-owned general contractors and subcontractors in the workforce on a construction site, most likely a road or a bridge project or if we get any funding for a building project contract,” Peoria County administrator Scott Sorrel said.

He said it’s an annual obligation in their ordinances locally.