Peoria County Election Commission clarifies vote by mail process

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria County’s Election Commission is clarifying the vote by mail process.

Executive Director Thomas Bride said some voters are choosing to vote early after requesting a vote by mail ballot. He said people who want to vote in person, will have to surrender their vote by mail ballot before voting early.

Bride said people who have not received a mail-in ballot but have requested one will have to sign an affidavit to be allowed to early vote.

“That immediately, as soon as we enter them into the system they’ve voted, it voids the mail ballot. So, even if they tried to return it, it’d be void and wouldn’t count,” said Bride.

Bride said many voters are new to the system which causes confusion. He also thinks some people requested a vote by mail ballot and then changed their mind.

“I think people signed up for it then and as it got closer maybe they got concerned about vote by mail in general, using the post office, so they decided, look I’m just going to get it over with,” said Bride.

But he said no matter how people decide to vote, they won’t be able to vote twice.

“As soon as you come in and you vote, that voids the vote by mail ballot. If it gets returned to us our system’s going to go okay well this ballot’s already been voided,” said Bride.

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