PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Ahead of the Nov. 8 election, the Peoria County Election Commission tested its voting equipment.

Monday afternoon, the commission held a public test of its automatic tabulating system.

Representatives of the Peoria County Democratic and Republican parties were both present, the public was also invited to attend.

The executive director of the Peoria County Election Commission said the test is designed to ensure votes are being counted correctly.

“It’s just an opportunity for anybody within the community to come in and see how we manage the elections, and how we tabulate the votes and be a part of that process, and really help the people to understand how it works and to educate as well,” said Elizabeth Gannon, executive director of Peoria County Election Commission.

Gannon said early voting is off to a strong start, with around 90 voters coming in each day.

Early voting is available at the Peoria County Election Commission’s office through Oct. 24, after that date, additional sites will open.