Peoria County Highway Department prepares for winter weather

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PEORIA, Ill. — The Peoria County Highway Department is preparing for a weekend filled with winter weather.

Friday morning, salt trucks from 18 municipalities picked up loads of salt.

Mark Gilles, operations officer at Peoria County Highway Department, says they have plenty of salt and are keeping a close eye on weather predictions.

“If it’s a large snowfall event, you know, you’ve got to plow the snow off and then put the salt down. Ice, you know, it’s a tough call. You want to put the salt down when it’s icing, but when it’s raining a lot, you don’t want to put it down and have the rain wash the salt off the road,” said Gilles.

He says their fleets will be ready to maintain 320 miles of roadway in the area.

“I think the main concern is the ice. I think we’re reported to get about a tenth of an inch of ice when it transitions from rain to snow. So as long as we’re out there and we’re going to keep a good eye on it and we’re out there preemptively before the ice hits,” said Gilles.

While ice, sleet, snow, and rain are all possible, Gilles says his team is experienced to handle it all.

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