Selected inmates at the Peoria County Jail had the opportunity to right their wrongs and participate in the Job’s Partnership Re-Entry program.

“This is an eight-week program that they just completed which is life skills, job training, a lot of soft skills,” says Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell. “There are some of the skills that we’ve talked to the area-employers that they really want to concentrate on.”

“We learn about communicating with others, financial skills, ‘roles of a father’ skills,” says Romie Anderson, graduate of program.

And not only has this changed the inmates’ outlook on life, but it’s also positively impacted the jail.

“This has changed their attitude while in custody,” says Asbell. “I’ve actually seen we’ve had less incidents in the jail.”

And now that these 18 individuals have graduated the program, it’s time to look toward the future.

“It gives me a self-reflection guide to tell who I am so that I can be better for myself and for my family,” says Anderson.