Peoria County Sheriff’s Dept. called to pool supply store for reported violation of stay-at-home order

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HANNA CITY, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria County Sheriff’s Department responded to a Hanna City pool supply store Thursday after a complaint from the Department of Commerce.

A report from the Sheriff’s Department says D & L Pools, Inc. was still operating, despite not being an essential business under Governor Pritzker’s order. When a lieutenant arrived to the business, he advised the owner to comply.

On March 28, a post to the business’ Facebook page said “As of 3:35pm on Friday, March 27th the City of Peoria unexpectedly deemed that D&L Pools, Inc., as well as all Pool Stores in the City of Peoria were unessential to the Public. They are not concerned for your health and unsanitary conditions when it comes to the use of your swimming pools and hot tubs.”

The President of D&L Pools Inc. says his company sanitizes pools and delivers cleaning supplies.

He adds employees have letters from Homeland Security, given to them from their distributor, stating it’s an essential business.

But this week, someone filed a complaint to the Illinois Department of Commerce saying the location was still open.

Don Danley says his company serves nearly 6,000 customers, and with weather warming up, his phones have been ringing off the hook.

“They’re just wondering if they can do the curbside service, and I say well, as far as I know, you can go to any restaurant and they got curbside service pickup. I don’t know why they can’t come in the store, I train all my employees about the safety parts of the deal here,” Danley said.

Not only does D&L Pools Inc. provide water services for homes, but it also tests and cleans the water at local hotels with indoor pools. While these pools are closed to the public, Danley says all hotels still need to keep to water up to code.

Danley believes his business should be considered essential because it keeps customers safe at home.

“I don’t want to get in trouble either, but you’re going to have the same thing if these people are not allowed to open their pool. How many pools out there have water standing on them? They have mosquito breeding grounds,” Danley said.

Peoria County Sheriff Brian Asbell says his officers have had to report to multiple non-essential businesses over the last few weeks who have remained open during the ‘Stay at Home’ order.

“It was predictable, once the order was extended out by the Governor’s office, we would get more calls. Again, there’s confusion, there’s uncertainty, there’s worry by these employers,” Asbell said.

Sheriff Asbell says if you see something that worries you, let your local law enforcement agency know and they can check out the business to see if they are complying with the Governor’s order.

“We’re starting to see a big uptick in anonymous calls, where someone calls in and says there’s a violation going on. Starting to see here in the last couple of days, you have a lot of delivery services out there, the Doordashes, where these drivers are seeing things that are questionable, and they’re making these reports as well,” Asbell said.

The pool supply company’s employees will keep doing curbside pickup and sanitizing everything inside, but the doors are locked to the public.

You can call D&L Pools Inc. at (309) 693-4220.

The list of essential businesses can be found below:

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