UPDATE (3:33 p.m.) — A first-year neurosurgery resident who had been at OSF Healthcare Saint Francis Medical Center is at the center of allegations of hidden surveillance cameras in bathrooms at the hospital.

Shelli Dankoff, an OSF Healthcare spokeswoman, said Henry Chang is no longer employed by Saint Francis. She also answered a slew of questions posted to her by WMBD/WYZZ.

According to Christopher Slaby of the state’s Department of Financial and Professional Regulation, Chang had told the state he was no longer working at the hospital as of Aug. 16.

“His temporary medical permit was canceled immediately. The permit had been made active on July 1, 2023,” he said.

Previously, Change was a neurological surgery resident with the University of Illinois College of Medicine from June 21 through August 16 of 2023.

Chang, who was already charged last week with unauthorized videotaping, had 55 more counts of the same felony charge added to his case on Friday by Peoria County State’s Attorney Jodi Hoos.

The counts all allege he set up a camera in a bathroom to record both male and female employees. The counts allege there were 52 “Jane Does” and three “John Does” who were filmed, according to Peoria County Circuit Court records.

Dankoff said in her emailed response to questions that hospital staff believe a single camera was placed under the sink in two different single-stall bathrooms in the staff area of the intensive care unit.

As of now, only employees were apparently in the videos. There were no patients, Dankoff said.

“At this time, an exact number has yet to be determined. The investigation is ongoing,” she said.

Since then, Dankoff said, a thorough sweep of all bathrooms was conducted and the hospital said they found no other cameras in bathrooms.

In the meantime, OSF Healthcare Saint Francis Medical Center is working with Peoria Police investigators and is offering counseling to its employees through its Employee Assistance Program.

Hoos stated detectives located more than 100 recordings of victims on his computers.

A new $115,000 arrest warrant was issued for Chang based on the new charges. Each charge carries a possible one to three years in prison. Probation is also an option.

More charges are expected to be filed with the grand jury next month. He is now scheduled to appear in court to be arraigned on the charges on Sept. 21.

When asked if there were any pending complaints by the state against Chang, Slaby said that such complaints were kept confidential until the department files an enforcement action or publicly disciplines a doctor.

“If IDFPR determines that a violation has been committed, the Department will take appropriate action,” he said.