EUREKA, Ill. (WMBD) — A criminal justice attorney in Peoria is facing a felony forgery charge, but her attorney claims the case is all a misunderstanding.

Last year, Maureen Williams pleaded guilty to a speeding ticket in Woodford County. She was ordered to complete service hours, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, she received an extension to complete the hours.

The document, which was prepared by someone other than Williams, claims the service hours were completed at St. Mark’s Catholic Church. Kevin Sullivan, representing Ms. Williams, said the document should have said the Peoria Symphony Guild.

“This person signed off to validate Maureen did the hours, unfortunately, she put down St. Mark’s rather than the other agency where Maureen worked,” Sullivan said. “Sent that to Maureen, Maureen mailed it in. Upon closure examination, which Maureen should’ve done, it said St. Mark’s Catholic Church when it should’ve said another agency.”

Williams is pleading not guilty in the forgery case.

Sullivan said they hope to resolve the issue soon, but if they have to, they will go to trial in November.

“When the charges were filed, I don’t know if the prosecutor and/or the probation department in Woodford County were aware of all the hours she had done at different agencies within the same time frame,” Sullivan said.

Sullivan added his client had done volunteer work with the Itoo Society, St. Thomas Catholic Church, and the Peoria Honor Flight recently.

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