Peoria entrepreneur leaving the river city for the windy city

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PEORIA, Ill. — Chelsie Tamms is one of Peoria’s notable entrepeneurs.

“I think Peoria is the perfect place to try out an idea.” said Chelsie Tamms, Owner of Lettering Works. 

Without knowing it, you’ve likely seen her work on social media and in stores. 

“All of that cumulated into becoming more known in the community.” said Tamms.

She’s immersed herself into all Peoria has to offer, and started the 100 days of Peoria initiative. Her goal was to highlight local businesses through her hand lettering and designs to make new connections throughout the city.

“Alot of the work that I’ve done has really tried to promote Peoria in a positive light.” said Tamms.

Now, she’s packing her bags and leaving the river city for the windy city. In her final stint, 25 more days of Peoria- showing that she’s still invested in the community, and a cause for celebration.

“These last 25 days includes alot of businesses that are newer, or were overseen just because they were either hidden gems, or I hadn’t had the opportunity to learn about their business until more recently.” said Tamms. 

While she’s bringing her ventures elsewhere, she says it won’t be the last Peoria will see of her.

“Maybe that’ll inspire me to move somewhere else, maybe it’ll inspire me to move back to this area , I really just have an open mind on whats to come.” said Tamms.

Tamms also teaches hand lettering workshops. Her final two classes will be Monday and Tuesday night at The Nest Coworking in Downtown Peoria. You can sign up for a class here:

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