PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — While many rang in the New Year with loved ones and celebrations, the “Snow Fighters” prepared for the snow storm forecasted for New Year’s Day.

The “Snow Fighters” are what Peoria Public Works calls their snowplow drivers, who will be on a rotating schedule for the weekend until the storm passes.

The Deputy Director of Operations at Peoria Public Works, Sie Maroon, said to remember Scott’s Law and veer away from snowplows on the roads. He said to avoid passing a snowplow if possible and give ample space behind the plow.

However, he said staying in and not driving is the best option during the storm. This allows the crews to clear the roads for frontline workers, emergencies, etc.

Maroon said road maintenance is something people can take for granted, and he wants to acknowledge the hard work of the “Snow Fighters” and their sacrifice working over the holiday weekend.

“It’s giving up, you know, their days but, you know, what we always talk about is, this is what we do here. This is our job,” he said. “This is how we respond. This is what we do to make the roads safe, to get people to travel in a safe way.”

Maroon said the snowplows always hit what he calls “primary arterial” streets first and until the snow stops falling. This includes city streets and highways. Then, they move on to residential streets. He said to be patient while waiting for residential streets to be cleared.