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Peoria family sends a message after theft

A Peoria family is be extra cautious after a stranger stole 11-year-old Julian's lemonade stand money. 

The Ericson's say Julian was out selling on Tuesday in Central Peoria when a boy came up and just took the cash. 

"I don't want him to be sad or hurt," Julian's sister said, "and the look on his face was so sad, so I was sad."

"I just froze for a second," Julian said, "I was going through a lot so I ran inside and told my mom and dad."

His father then chased after the boy, getting the cash back. 

Julian tells WMBD he is raising money for college, a car, and some extra legos. 

Since it all happened, the Ericson's now sit outside with the children to make sure a parent is around at all times. 


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