Peoria FD continues to investigate arsons

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The Peoria Fire Department continues to ramp up efforts to catch whose at fault for a series of arsons.

“It’s a really big concern, they’re using a large amount of accelerate and these are big houses they are targeting,” said Tony Ardis Chief Division of Operations.

Two houses and two vehicles were the targets for a series of arsons to occur over four straight days last month.

“They’re not playing around, one of them used so much accelerate the driveway was actually on fire,” Ardis added.

Ardis says the arsons remain a cause of concern. While battling the flames firefighters must approach each fire with a different plan of attack.

“We try to always be very cognitive of the dangers associated with structure fires,” Ardis said. He adds, “When we run into a rash like this especially when we talk about arsons we certainly reiterate strong tactic situation awareness, making sure the floor ahead of them is solid, definitely work in pairs and heighten sense of awareness.

In the meantime Ardis says it’s up to the community to work with the department to scout out suspicious activity.

“We’re always asking for the public’s help, with the hot line it can be anonymous, our investigators are still trying to come up with clues find the people or people that are responsible.”

As the temperatures to continue to heat up in central Illinois fire fighters are encouraging fire safety.

Some tips this summer include keeping your propane and charcoal grills at least 15 feet away from your house And to also avoid overloading your circuits with electronics.

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