PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Fire Department was recently selected for Vision 20/20’s onsite community risk reduction project. They were the only department selected out of over 100 applicants.

The department will receive training and technical assistance to develop a risk assessment and reduction plan for the community they serve. Nate Rice, Division Chief of Fire Prevention, explained how the project will help the department.

“They’ll do a very thorough analysis of our data, and different statistics about our fire department in incidents that we have, and then they’ll look and try and interpret that data and give us some ideas of things that we can do to minimize the risks that we have,” Rice said.

Rice also said the department is honored to be selected for this project. He said the program was intrigued by the city of Peoria and the general community.

“We’re very grateful that we’re getting this opportunity, and that we’re going to learn from some of the industry greats, there’s some really big players when it comes to risk reduction and fire prevention,” Rice said.

The program will have officials onsite for 3 days.