PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A man reportedly had his legs pinned underneath a trailer Saturday afternoon.

Peoria firefighters rushed to the scene and found a flat-bed trailer connected to a semi that was “loaded with a full-size man lift.”

The semi and trailer were in front of a home on W. Whitehall Ct. in Peoria.

The man was trapped and was reportedly sitting on the trailer with his “lower extremities” stuck underneath it.

“A bystander on scene that was helping the person load the man lift stated
they were having problems with the trailer and the connection to the semi,” said Michael Hughes of the Peoria Fire Department.” “The person that was trapped climbed onto the trailer and had placed his legs underneath the trailer. While trying to fix the problem with the connection, the trailer collapsed pinning the person’s legs underneath the trailer.”

The Peoria Fire Department reported that when they arrived, the bystander had access to a bobcat tractor and was able to lift one side of the trailer so the person was able to free one of his legs.

The man was conscious and able to communicate with crews during the extrication.

Peoria Firefighters/Paramedics were then able to set-up airbags under the trailer while other crew members began medical treatment, establishing an I.V. on the man.

The airbags were inflated, then the man was removed from under the trailer 10 minutes from the time the 911 call was made.

The man was transported to OSF by Advanced Medical Transport (AMT).

It’s unsure if the man trapped under the trailer had any injuries at all.