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Peoria flight lands safely after losing cabin pressure

PEORIA - An American Eagle flight leaving from Peoria International Airport was diverted due to an emergency around 7:30 a.m. Tuesday.

34 passengers and three crew members were on board when the flight heading to Charlotte lost cabin pressure, nearly 20 minutes after takeoff. 

Oxygen masks were deployed and the pilots acted immediately. The plane landed minutes after, with no issue. 

Airport Director Gene Olsen said he is happy the airport is trained to handle situations like this. 

"It's kind of reassuring for us when something like this happens and then you see how the whole team responds," Olsen said. "[The] 182 fire department, our operations department, air traffic control, everyone did their jobs and was working together as a team."

As for the plane, American Eagle is still working to learn what caused the issue. They will either be flying the plane to another airport to get it fixed, or flying a mechanic in. 

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