PEORIA HEIGHTS, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Heights Village Board of Trustees officially rescinded its decision to have a contract between the village’s fire department and the City of Peoria’s fire department.

On Aug. 1, the board voted to rescind the decision made on July 18. However, due to procedures for the Open Meetings Act, the vote was void since the action item was not on the agenda.

The proposed contract would allow for quicker response times.

Trustee Brandon Wisenburg said the residents would rather their tax dollar funds be invested into the volunteer fire department.

“They understand the challenges we face. They understand the fire department needs resources, they’re underfunded. They want us to invest their taxpayer money into the fire department,” he said.

Trustees Matt Wittington and Beth Khazzam voted against the rescission. Wittington said he’s concerned rescinding the decision will foreclose on further options to help the department.

“I worry about foreclosing options and not having all options on the table. So my concern is we have this lack of forward momentum for our volunteer fire department.”

The board also accepted a resignation from Trustee Mark Gauf in his absence. Gauf is resigning due to medical reasons. Mayor Michael Phelan said he hopes the board approves his appointment next month so that person can help the village hire a fire chief.