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Peoria Heights is redeveloping to become a tourist like destination. The village is not known for its size, but visitors say its the perfect get away place

“I like it,” said Nikki Segobiano, as she was on Forest Park Nature Center’s nature trail with her daughter. “I like things that are quaint and small, its more comforting and homey so i like that personally.”

The Mayor of Peoria Heights went to Galena, Illinois last month to figure out how to make the village a better version of itself. While there he said he learned a lot about the tourism spot and plans to implement those new ideas to Peoria Heights soon.

“We have a very specific plan and we are on a mission to continue with our commercial development,” said Mike Phelan, Mayor of Peoria Heights. “But we also want to really emphasize residential development. We want people to not only come here to visit but we want people to come here to live.”

He went on to say a lot of companies in Galena are really interested in the towns’ market. Several hotels and restaurants expressed interest in moving to the downtown area because of the business available. 

“If you look at our assets, Tower Park, the river, Grandview Drive, you just can’t replicate those sort of things in a community,” said Phelan.

Among other changes the city put in street seats, just days ago, which has given the downtown restaurants a whole new look. The street seats are trending in larger cities such as New York City and San Francisco. 

“I really like the new seating arrangements because I enjoy people watching and it also provides good scenery while we are eating,” said Segobiano.

People are excited to see the changes in Peoria Heights and the Mayor is hoping they like them. 

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