Peoria High PRIDE team making a positive impact within their school and community

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – A group of Peoria High students is showing the power of positivity.

When fights broke out at Peoria High on September 17th, some students said how their school was portrayed afterward couldn’t be further from the truth.

“It just doesn’t define us as a whole. That’s just a small number of the students that are in the school,” said Alivia Parker, a senior and member of the Peoria PRIDE team.

Members of the Peoria High PRIDE team, a group of teachers and students dedicated to spreading Lion pride, are working to change the narrative.

“We’re making a voice to show we are better than that Friday,” said Nesha Robertson, senior and member of the Peoria High PRIDE team.

The PRIDE team consists of mostly juniors and seniors that volunteer throughout Peoria High and the community, including setting up pep assemblies and other school events.

Students said another organization, No Greater Heroes, also allows them to visit middle and elementary schools to encourage younger children.

“We show them growing up that you don’t have to be what everyone expects you to be. You can be your own self, your own version, be the best version of yourself,” said Kennadie Fuller, president of the Peoria High PRIDE team.

Members of the PRIDE team said they’ve seen how their leadership role has inspired others within the school.

“A kid asks me everyday, how can I join the PRIDE team? What can I do? It’s a good community to be around,” Robertson said.

Moving forward, the group says they hope to show others exactly what their motto says.

“Us as PRIDE team, we’re really trying to make it known to everybody pride really does beat negativity, that’s our main slogan this year with everything that’s going on,” Fuller said.

Parker said it’s her hope that the pride team can continue to attract new members. She also said she’s looking forward to larger events again when the pandemic allows the group to have them.

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