PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Juniors and seniors from Peoria Public Schools on Tuesday participated in a career and college fair at the George Washington Carver Center.

Students from Peoria, Manual, Richwoods, and Quest High Schools attended the DIGIM (D—-) I Graduate in May) Career and College Fair to learn more about employers and higher education with a focus on historically black colleges and universities and Greek organizations.

“This is a college fair the likes of which Peoria has never seen,” said DIGIM organizer Marc Supreme.

Supreme said organizers wanted to provide all the information they wish they had growing up.

“What we did here is what we wish we had. We want to let everybody know that no matter where you come from, you still have options,” he said.

The fair featured “How to Become” break-out sessions, where students heard from professionals in entertainment, music and government to gain perspective on how to break into difficult industries.

“It’s not just about graduating college and then you wake up in your dream career,” said Supreme. “We just hope they leave with a better understanding that they have options when they graduate. A better understanding, that college is available, education is necessary, and to be a productive member of society is their due diligence.”

Each student also received a free computer, courtesy of PCs for People.