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Peoria inching closer to a Portillos

PEORIA, Ill - Last month foodies in the Twin Cities finally got their hands on a Chicago favorite.

Now Peoria could be up next, Portillos may be on its way to the River City.

At last night's City Council meeting the Planning and Zoning Commission recommended the relocation of the Americash office along Sterling Avenue. The relocation would allow Portillos to open on that location. Aside from Normal Portillos also opened up in Champaign this year. City leaders say the restaurant would be a great addition.

“Certainly for the people of Peoria, it gives them another great restaurant option and certainly there will be a regional draw, people from out of town coming here, and we'll be happy to have them,” said Jim Montelongo, Fourth District Councilman.


Montelongo says if everything is approved construction will begin in late fall, and you’ll be able to enjoy those hotdogs and beef as soon as April.

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