Peoria Kroger to reduce store hours in September

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Getting your groceries is becoming harder to do as Kroger chaos continues. 

Kroger announced its Lake Avenue location in Peoria will no longer be open 24-hours. 

WMBD spoke to shoppers Wednesday who say they don’t understand why Kroger is having such a hard time. 

“I do like some of the Kroger 10 for $10 deals,” says Connie Schiele. “If they’re cutting back on their hours and everything that’s gonna be a hardship ya know?”

“For them to cut their hours, that’s probably gonna hurt some people,” says Mary McThee. 

Shoppers say getting groceries is becoming somewhat of a hassle. 

“I come here a lot,” says McThee. “I shop at this Kroger since they closed down the one that’s closer to my home on Wisconsin. I come more now so than ever.”

This comes after many area Kroger’s have closed their doors across Central Illinois. 

“Kroger has been around here forever and so ya know, that’d going to be kinda bad but my daughter has said that when they were building HyVee that they were probably going to put them out of business,” says Schiele. 

The Regional Fresh Food Council conducted a survey to show that when a Kroger closes it impacts local neighborhoods. 

That creates food deserts, which is causing local food pantries and mobile food markets to work double time to help provide a basic need. 

“It looks like they’re leaving one by one,” says Schiele. “That part makes me sad because it’s just another business in the community that’s leaving Peoria.”

“I’m not sure if they’re not advertising enough, or you know, if they’re business is just not good?,” says McThee. “They have good sales? So I’m not quite sure what they effect of it is.”

We did reach out to Eric Halvorson, the media spokesman for Kroger.

He says the expansion project slated for that store is still under review with corporate headquarters.

“Kroger has a program called Restock Kroger. Our leaders are assessing the best approach for the development of new stores. They want to balance construction with the needs for new technology in our stores. The Kroger goal is to provide upgrades that create seamless shopping experience for our customers. That may mean certain areas see growth in digital services such as curbside pickup. Kroger appreciates the community’s support as the company works to redefine the grocery experience and provide the best possible service and value for our customers.”- Eric Halvorson

He also says that starting on September 16th, the Kroger located on Lake Avenue will open at  6am and close at midnight.

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