PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The community is looking for answers after 59-year-old Samuel V. Richmond was shot and killed Monday night in Peoria.

This was an officer-involved shooting, with four officers currently on administrative leave.

WMBD spoke to the Peoria NAACP President, Marvin Hightower Wednesday, Hightower said he is still in shock after what happened on Monday. Right now, Hightower said his friends and family want answers.

“For Richmond to be involved with something like this… it was not his character,” said Hightower.

According to Peoria Police Chief, Eric Echevarria, Richmond was armed and did pose a life-threatening threat to the officers. Echevarria said deadly force had to be made.

Even after this public statement, Hightower said he’s still in disbelief. Hightower and Richmond grew up together, Hightower said Richmond was always uplifting, kind and a positive individual.

“That’s just the way he was if you hear the same thing from different people that haven’t really talked with each other that let you know it’s the truth about this individual,” said Hightower.

Friends and family gathered at Martin Luther King Jr. Park Tuesday night.

WMBD spoke to March Porch, a friend of Richmond. Porch said they expect a thorough and transparent investigation.

“If our dear brother was you know acting out of character then we want to know, maybe we can use that situation to help that next young man or next young woman, we have had a lot of tragic things happen in our community and communities across the country,” said Porch.

The investigation will be led by Illinois State Police.

Investigators refuse to release the names of the four officers involved.

WMBD is working to learn more details about this case.