Peoria leaders approve change for video gaming terminals

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Peoria bars and restaurants will now see policy changes for video gaming terminals.

City leaders say the move will bring in more than $250,000 for the city. Under the new plan gaming machine companies will now have to pay $1000 per unit they sold to a business.

Originally, officials wanted to increase the current license fee, forcing business owners to pay out more. Tuesday night leaders actually chose to keep the fee at $500. Leaders say they also plan to hold business owners accountable for the current rules.

Right now, restaurants must make 60 percent of its funds from food and drinks, leaders say a handful of businesses aren’t meeting the mark and they plan to enforce the rule.

“I think that there were some concerns about the fee being raised to the bar owners there were some concerns about raising our current ordinance,” said City Manager Patrick Urich.

Bowling alleys wont be subject to the fee, nor will veteran’s organizations.

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