Peoria man wins trip to play in ESPN’s ‘Wingo Cup;’ Has trip of a lifetime

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PEORIA, Ill.–It’s many golfers dream to play at the top courses in the U.S., but what about with ESPN hosts?

One Peoria man and his family were able to live out this dream.

You hear about contests all the time on the radio or TV, and you never really know who wins them.

33-year-old Zak Edmonds, born and raised in Peoria, submitted his dad’s funny golf story and ended up in paradise.

Those who entered the contest for the Golic and Wingo Show had to share a story about an interesting golf bet.

That’s when Edmonds remembered a story he heard from his dad.

“Immediately I was like ‘Hey what’s that golf story that’s 20 years old? Run me through it, cause I wanna film this video, I wanna send it in. We get points for pettiness and his story defines pettiness,” Edmonds said.

Zak’s dad was playing golf with a judge who played hooky to get away to the course. The judge was losing badly, so he made a bet.

“My dad was beating him pretty handily. He bet my dad he could hit his 9 iron better than he could, and my dad had never hit that 9 iron, he was on his brand new set of clubs. He actually took the 9 iron out and aced it. So he got a hole in one with my dads’ clubs,” Edmonds said.

After the judge won the bet, Zak’s dad got a little payback.

“But then the judge remembered ‘Hey I’m not supposed to be here, so you can’t tell anyone.’ So my dad said ‘Yeah, yeah okay.’ So he called the local paper here and had his name printed in the paper, with the date and everything,” Edmonds said laughing.

So after Zak submitted the 30 second video of his dad telling the story to the Golic and Wingo show on Twitter, the Edmonds ended up with the trip of a lifetime.

“It didnt’ even feel like we were in Wisconsin. It felt like we were in Ireland. At one of the courses they have there, sheep run around. So that kind of tells you what we were working with,” Edmonds said.

They were able to play at Whistling Straits, in Haven, Wisconsin, and also Blackwolf Run Golf Course in Kohler, Wisconsin.

Both of these are top 100 courses in the country. Blackwolf ranks number 97 and Whistling Straits is number 21 according to Golf Digest.

The 2019 Ryder Cup is being held at Whistling Straits in 2020.

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