PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A handful of people stood at the City Hall doors on Thursday afternoon to have their voices and frustrations heard.

After Cure Violence, an anti-violence assessment didn’t pass at Peoria City Council, not once, but twice, the Peoria Branch of NAACP shared their opinions at a press conference.

On June 14, half of the Peoria City Council voted “no” on Cure Violence, a $25,000 assessment to lower violence in Peoria. Two weeks later, the council was given a second opportunity to vote on the assessment, and it didn’t pass, once again.

Now, Black members of the community want their voices to be heard.

“Members of the City Council must listen to the communities most impacted by gun violence, which is the black community, no matter where you live, or what district you represent,” said Pastor Marvin Hightower.

Some of the speakers even said $25,000 is nothing compared to the lives lost in Peoria due to gun violence.

Peoria resident Robin Grantham said, “If we divide $25,000 by the 31 homicides that we had in 2021, that is $806 per person, certainly a Black and Brown life is worth more than $806.”

The Cure Violence assessment was even recommended by other Peoria leaders.

“This assessment was actually recommended by the Chief of Police and his team, the Peoria County Health administrator and her team, as well as S-Net,” said Sherry Carter-Allen, vice president of the NAACP Peoria Chapter.

The community is now left with a few questions for the council members who voted “no.”

“What are you going to do about it and what is your plan? If you plan on doing the same thing, then you are doing nothing and nothing will be done, and our Black brothers and sisters will continue to die, and their blood is on your hands,” said Hightower.

After reaching out to all the council members who voted ‘no,’ on the assessment, Councilman Tim Riggenbach wanted to wait to comment, and the other five have not responded. That includes councilmembers Chuck Grayeb, Denis Cyr, Sid Ruckriegel, Zachary Oyler, and John Kelly.