Peoria non-profit paves the way for people to prosper

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PEORIA, Ill. — A local non-profit in Peoria is paving the way for people to turn over a new leaf.

Dozens of people showed up to the George Washington Carver Center trying to better themselves or enter the workforce.

“Oftentimes, the only thing that a person when they are on, particularly when they are on parole, they just need a little bit of help,” said Christopher Duncan, president of Peoria Community Against Violence.

The Peoria Community Against Violence is helping those young and old who are searching for a better tomorrow. Vendors across the area converged in the George Washington carver center with resources from jobs partnership re-entry, peace corps, and a number of trade organizations.

“We have vendors here that’s gonna work for state highway jobs, labor jobs. So, we have here what I would call living wage jobs,” said Duncan.

President of PCAV Christopher Duncan says it’s all a matter of helping someone get back on their feet.

“This thing is a thing of just making a difference in a man’s life. Everybody needs help somewhere, somewhere along the line. It makes a difference. I know that everybody has heard it’s who you know,” said Duncan.

Organizer, Angel Cruz, says it’s great to see people taking advantage of all the resources being offered.

“That’s my hope all the time. Not only do they sign up, but get engaged, that’s the key. Everybody can sign up, but get engaged, because if one individual did it and now his life is brighter. It makes sense now, it’s possible for anybody else,” said Angel Cruz, project manager of Don’t Shoot.

Cruz said it’s important to meet everybody in the middle.

“That was my mindset, to really get the needs to those that needed them. If they couldn’t come to the agency, I brought the agency to them. And my vision for this, is to set up one of these events in part of the area where a lot of this high activity is going on,” said Cruz.

Friday marks the third Searching For a Better Tomorrow. The first one was back in June of 2018.

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