PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Peoria Park District is seeking the public’s input to decide on the next playground design at Trewyn Park.

Three playground designs have been selected, and now it’s up to the community to decide the winner through an online survey, said Emily Cahill, executive director of Peoria Park District.

“We start with a baseline built on staff’s understanding about how people use parks, but then the people who are actually in those spaces and places enjoying the outdoors, get to vote and select the final product that goes into the space,” she explained.

The playground is part of a $600,000 grant to renovate Trewyn Park, which is also getting new basketball courts and a shelter with grills and picnic tables.

Cahill said the community’s input is valued because it’s their playground to use.

“These are their spaces, right? They are public spaces that are cared for using local tax dollars, and its important they have a voice,” she said.

Cahill said the winning playground design and shelter design will be presented at the Peoria Park District Board’s next meeting on April 20.

Option 1
Option 2
Option 3

“We need people to vote because we are getting a good response, but a couple of the options are in a dead heat, and so we need more voices because we don’t want to have to break a tie ourselves. We really want the community to do that,” she said.

Cahill said the entire project must be completed by November because the grant comes from COVID-19 funds.

“This would have taken five to seven years with Park District dollars,” said Cahill. “So to be able to do this in one big ‘wow’, it’s beyond fantastic.”

Cahill said the playground should be completed by late August or early September.

“For so many folks in that part of the community, we know that is their home base when it comes to open space. So to be able to show our commitment to that neighborhood is fantastic,” she said.

The survey will be live through April 15. Respondents can also share feedback about the Peoria Park District.