Peoria physician’s CPR research helps Arizona man save customer’s life

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A Peoria doctor is in the spotlight for his lifesaving CPR research. Doctor John Hafner found that the catchy song “Stayin’ Alive” by the Bee Gees is a perfect reference for someone doing chest compressions.

The song is 100 beats per minute which the standard amount of chest compressions when doing CPR.

Hafner’s research became so popular that the popular sitcom “The Office” took note and used the research in an episode.

According to the Washington Post, an Arizona man recently recalled that episode as he saved a woman’s life in his tire shop early this month.

“It’s easy to do compressions along with the cadence of the song,” said Hafner. “It’s something that sticks with and you can remember that at times when its really stressful and you haven’t had experience with CPR.”

Other popular songs include “I Will Survive” and “Dancing Queen.”

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