Peoria police and fire department to purchase new body armor

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PEORIA, Ill., Several people nationwide are devastated following recent mass shootings.

The Peoria police and fire departments say they want to be prepared in case Peoria faces a similar threat.

Tuesday, Peoria City Council approved the purchase of body armor for both departments.

The vests police officers wear currently are only equipped to stop pistol rounds, but the body armor they’ll purchase soon will protect them from rifle rounds.

This equipment includes armor shields, rifle plate vests, and ballistic shields and helmets.

Overall, its anticipated cost to the city is more than $105,000.

The city of Peoria is not immune to the risk of mass shootings and terror attacks one reason why assistant police chief, Michael Mushinsky, said we need to be prepared at all times.

“You would love to say something like that couldn’t happen, but many of these small towns in other cities they’re very similar to Peoria and it’s happened there, so it’s one of those things that we have to protect and equip our officers and let’s hope that it never happens.”

Also, Tuesday night was the first time the council gathered around the horseshoe since the arrest of councilman Zach Oyler and he was not in attendance. Oyler was arrested for domestic battery.

We later learned that arrest happened after an alleged fight with his wife.

He was released from jail on a one hundred dollar bond and hasn’t been formally charged yet.

We asked a few council members about Oyler’s future with the city, they declined to comment.

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