PPD canvasses neighborhood where Robert Purdle was killed, to find more answers

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PEORIA, Ill. — The 4th of July marked Peoria’s thirteenth homicide of the year, where 30-year-old Robert Purdle died after an early morning shooting.

Almost a week later, police are still searching for answers about what happened on the block of 2200 W Wiswall, that morning. Peoria Police Department members, Crime Stoppers and members of PCAV spent Wednesday morning canvassing the area to try and find answers.

“It’s not just another homicide. Every individual is different and we as a community have to stand up and say, ‘enough is enough’ or it’s going to continue,” said Gloria Clark, Vice-President of PCAV, “We really have to make sure that we do everything we possibly can as a community so these homicides are solved. The only way we are going to, is getting out and talking to people, canvass the neighborhood, see what’s going on. If you see anything, say something.”

Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion said people were very receptive to talking during Wednesday morning’s door-to-door knocking.

“I know we’ve been out a lot this year but we are gong to stay consistent no matter if it’s a 100 degree day out or below 0 day out. We’ll be out doing the canvas,” said Chief Marion.

Peoria Crime Stoppers and PCAV have been a big support to Peoria Police but the community’s involvement is still the most important for solving cases, according to Chief Marion.

“PCAV has been great, Crime Stoppers has been great, and I can see that’s developing and growing. But we definitely need more community members to step up and get involved,” said Chief Marion.

If you have any information that can help in the investigation of Robert Purdle’s homicide you can contact the PPD. To remain anonymous, submit a tip by calling Crime Stoppers at (309) 673-9000.

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