‘We don’t want to do enforcement, but we will if we have to,’ Peoria Police forces non-essential businesses to close

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Non-essential businesses that call their employees to work during the statewide shutdown could face fines and other penalties.

Peoria’s Police Chief Loren Marion said his department has ordered seven businesses to shut down immediately since the “stay at home” executive order took effect.

“We don’t want to do enforcement, but we will if we have to. We are requesting compliance. This is a global pandemic that is still on the upwards increase and we want to change it and have it start going down. So we need compliance.”

Peoria Police Chief Loren Marion

Peoria City Mayor Jim Ardis said noncompliance establishments are putting their license at risk.

“They are jeopardizing not only their food license from the health department but their liquor license from us,” Ardis said. “And to jeopardize that to get a couple of bucks versus not having it when we come out of this I think that in itself is enough of a deterrent for most people.”

Businesses that we’re ordered to shutdown include tattoo parlors, tobacco shops, and video stores. While local law enforcement isn’t issuing tickets at this time, they are still going to write a report and send it to the designated licensing department for them to decide whether or not to issue a fine.

Among the list of businesses forced to close since Saturday’s shutdown were Family Video and Mad Tattoo and Airbrush.

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