PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Buzzes for Brigham.

Two-year-old Brigham Landwehr is currently battling stage four Neuroblastoma, but he’s not alone.

His father, Seth Landwehr, is a detective in the Peoria Police Department. His brothers in arms are putting their arms around the family in support.

Badges are not the only thing uniform about the Peoria Police Department right now. Eighteen officers have shaved their heads as Brigham Landwehr is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Officer Steve Melton came up with the idea for ‘Brigham’s Battle Buddies.’

“I thought I’d send out an email from work here and see if anybody was interested and then response was immediate and great,” Officer Melton said.

Now they’ve sold over 1,400 shirts, raising money for the Landwehrs.

Sgt. Eric Esser and Detective Bill Calbow have both shaved their heads. They say the Landwehrs are like family to them.

“We both know the Landwehr family, are pretty close to them. Seth would do the same for us. We just want to show them that we support them and are in this together,” Sgt. Esser said.

“Seth used to be in the juvenile unit with me, him and I used to be partners, we used to ride together all the time. Then he moved over to the violent crime side, but he’s still one of my ride or die guys. I’d do anything for him, he’d do anything for me,” Calbow added.

Seth Landwehr told WMBD Friday morning Brigham has been doing great and his energy levels are high. He says they’re heading to Chicago now for a procedure.

“It really is a day to day battle! He’s been doing really good and his energy has been great! But as expected his blood counts are really low for these current days after chemo. Hopefully within the next day or so his levels will come back up and have good days before we start chemo again,” Landwehr said in a text to WMBD’s Matt Sheehan.

On the back of the t-shirts, there are colors for each law enforcement agency. Officer Melton says the support from central Illinois agencies has been incredible.

Officer Calbow says running for St. Jude is another great way to support all children who are battling cancer. If you’d like to run in any of these, we have the link here.

“Supporting St. Jude is a great cause. There are several of us, we have our Peoria Police Department team now, I know just because of the situation the Landwehrs have been facing, that’s pushed a lot of us including myself to actually join the run this year and participate in the run. There’s a lot of officers out there raising money for the run this year,” Calbow said.

If you’d like to get involved by buying shirts, you can find them at ‘Branded Country Wear’ located at 4923 N Sheridan Rd, Peoria, IL 61614. You can also purchase the shirts online here.