PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The head of Peoria Public Schools says a fight at Manual High School lasted about 20 seconds and involved only four people.

Sharon Kherat, the district’s superintendent, responded to a list of questions by WMBD in regards to a fight which occurred Wednesday afternoon at Manual.

Semone Roth of the Peoria Police Department confirmed that the fight did occur and that officers did respond. They made no arrests, she said, and the investigation continues.

Kherat said the fight occurred as school was letting out and it happened near where the buses were picking up students. Reports that it was “large” was because many people were outside when it happened, the superintendent said.

The superintendent also said a student who was not from Manual came onto school grounds and attacked a student. Two other boys jumped in, one for each side.

“Per my team, it was four students, not a brawl,” she said in an email.

She did not respond to a question asking if any changes to security would occur given the fight which happened on the one-week anniversary of the new school year.