PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Thursday is National Popcorn Day and everyone is encouraged to snack on the tasty treat.

Whether you like it buttered, plain, sweet or salty, The Popcorn Shoppe in Peoria is offering multiple specials to celebrate.

“Its absolutely wonderful to have a national day attributed to things that we sell…We want people to enjoy it and we know there’s millions and millions of people in the United States that love popcorn, and there’s thousands and thousands right here in Peoria,” said Matt George, co-owner of The Popcorn Shoppe.

The Popcorn Shoppe is offering $1 off all movie theater popcorn, $5 small cups, 20 percent off medium bags, and a free lemonade shake-up if you spend at least $20.

George said the versatility of popcorn makes it special.

“We can coat it with sugar and it doesn’t dissolve down. You can coat it with cheese, you can just eat it by itself, or you can eat it plain. The ways that people love popcorn, and we have over 50 different recipes… You can make it taste like a cinnamon roll, you can make it taste like pizza, or you can make it taste like anything really. It’s such a versatile food it can go so many different ways into what you want to do with it,” he said.

The Popcorn Shoppe opened in the Metro Center in September. The nascent business offers other promotions outside of National Popcorn Day, while helping the community in the process.

The Popcorn Shoppe is having a third “Bring Your Own Bucket” promotion on Jan. 28. Customers can fill the bucket with movie theatre popcorn for three dollars up to five gallons. Two dollars from each bucket is then donated to the Peoria Public Schools.