PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — On Monday night Peoria Public Schools District 150 approved an updated appearance or dress code. The vote was approved six to one.

In August, the Parent Teacher Advisory Committee (PTAC) created a survey and proposed a more inclusive dress code that protects students’ individuality, diversity and self-expression.

The board did not adopt the proposed dress code from PTAC and decided to retain the current code with minor tweaks from legal counsel. The updated code still includes language about the length of skirts and the width of shoulder straps.

One board member said what was approved was not as inclusive as the PTAC had hoped.

“What was approved tonight is open-ended. So, administrators could implement different types of codes that they want to for their schools. We’re hoping that the administrators will take some of the guidance that PTAC came up with last year as they’re thinking about their handbooks and their student handbooks,” said Dr. Anni Reinking.

The board also voted five to two in favor of renewing Dr. Sharon Kherat’s superintendent contract.