PEORIA Ill. (WMBD) — Everyday principals must maintain their schools, attend to the students and help the staff.

Lori Dawson is a surgical coordinator for Soderstrom Skin Institute and was selected to be the principal for the day at Harold B. Dawson Middle School.

Principal Mick Swanson said every day calls for something different and commended Dawson for wasting no time when it came to tending to the students’ needs.

“We had a couple meetings with students, we had a student who was upset in the hallway, she took time to have a conversation with her and de-escalate the situation which is a lot of what we do around here. Try to make everybody make the right decision and to make everything a little bit better for everybody,” said Dawson.

But for Dawson, it’s much more than just being principal for the day. Last year the school was renamed in honor of her late husband.

“This was our goal to walk these halls and make a difference in this school and to try and support every student that comes through those doors,” said Dawson.

She said she’ll always be looking out for the students of Harold B. Dawson Middle School.

“I wish he was here with me to see this through, he would be proud. And my goal is to make not only him proud but the kids of this school proud,” said Dawson.