PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria Public Schools on Wednesday hosted a job fair for dozens of open positions at the administrative building on Wisconsin Avenue.

Applicants needed to bring a photo ID, social security card, and a voided check to be used for direct deposit if hired. At the fair, they fill out an online application and potentially have an on-the-spot interview.

“It’s more or less giving the community opportunity to come in and do a face-to-face application. We can help them through the application process. Just to get more people in and make it more easy for them,” said Chris Rohwedder, HR recruiter at Peoria Public Schools.

Most PPS employees live in Peoria, but it’s not a requirement. Rohwedder said it’s rewarding for residents to work within the school district.

“I hope the community takes away that the school district really wants members of the community to get employment within the school district because it all starts at the schools…If you’re invested in a particular community and that school, it gives you a sense of ownership,” he said.

There are open positions in a number of departments, including certified and non-certified teachers, transportation, custodial, and cafeteria. Most jobs start above minimum wage and do not require a college degree, with the exception of certified teachers and administrative roles. Rohwedder said many applicants could walk out of the fair with a job offer.