Peoria Public Schools spokesperson says road conditions made leaders cancel classes

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Classes cancelled in Peoria Thursday left parents with questions about the snow day decision.

Peoria Public Schools’ Director of Communications Thomas Bruch says Superintendent Dr. Sharon Kherat’s decision was based on tests done throughout the night.

Bruch says the tests done at 1:00, 2:00, and 3:00 a.m. determined the roads would not be safe for parents or school bus drivers.

He added the sidewalks were unsafe for school kids to walk on.

One of the things looked at in these tests were school bus drivers’ ability to brake on the slippery roads.

Bruch said kids were still able to learn even though they weren’t physically in class.

“There’s that built-in window for them to get the assignment done as well. We heard such great feedback last night at the Manual/Central game, so many parents were saying ‘oh we had a lot of fun, we had a great time. It was great that you were thinking about the safety of the students but they were able to continue their learning at home,” Bruch said.

He adds the kids have one week to get all of the work done when it’s a ‘learn-at-home’ day.

“Once we felt as if the roads weren’t in the shape that we thought would be safe for our families and students, the superintendent made the decision to not have school in session, but to have our learning anywhere anytime, essentially learning at home days,” Bruch added.

Email sent to parents of children who attend Peoria Public Schools

Because they can have the ‘Learning Anywhere, Anytime Day’ they don’t have to make up the day at the end of the year.

Some people believed the streets were not bad at all on Thursday and questioned the district’s decision.

“We’re always thinking about the safety of all our students in the entire school district. We have 27 schools that stretch across the whole city. From Charter Oak neighborhood all the way to South Peoria, and the North Valley. We are looking out for what’s the best interest of all our students. It only takes once instance of an injury or harm where we might regret our decision to have school,” Bruch said.

Bruch says the ability to learn at home is a great tool for kids to continue their education while staying safe.

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