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Peoria Public Works busy all day during heavy snowfall

Peoria, Ill - Peoria Public Works was out all day long keeping snow off the roads to keep drivers safe.

Their focus was on main roads with heavier traffic, as more residential areas were harder to get to because of the amount of cars parked on the side of the streets.  Public Works' advice was to stay in and not drive, but if you do have to get out and drive today, drive slow and be aware of other drivers.

"If they are going to drive, the tips that I would give them is to go slow, if a plow truck or plow trucks if we're in our tandem plowing situation, then they give the trucks plenty of room, plenty of space so that we can get our work done to get them to where they need to go," said Sie Maroon, Superintendent of Operations at Peoria Public Works.

Because of the heavy weight and wetness of the snow, snow plows have to continuously work to keep the roads clear.


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