Peoria Public Works crews are out on pothole patrol

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After snow, ice and now thawing, road crews in central Illinois are out on pothole patrol.

Potholes are causing some problems but the Peoria Public Works snow fighters are taking a break from snow and dealing with the road hazards. Peoria Public Works crews had a busy Monday patching potholes, and the work’s not done yet.

“We’ve got everybody that we have on hand that works in this division to go out and fill potholes today. We’ve got one crew that’s designated if there’s any flooding or anything of that nature,” said Sie Maroon, Superintendent of Operations.

Superintendent of Operations, Sie Maroon says crews are filling the potholes, but it’s just a temporary fix. Maroon says more winter weather will tear up the roads again.

“We get into the freeze thaw then, so now it will freeze underneath the pavement, and when it thaws, it expands. When it expands, it’s blowing the potholes. It’s blowing the, whether it be asphalt or concrete, it’s popping them right out,” said Maroon.

Mechanics also have their hands full dealing with the issue. Assistant Manager of Meineke, Ira Allen says he has fixed a lot of vehicles damaged from the bumpy roads.

“Every time you hit a pothole really hard, basically it takes everything from the wheel bearings, to the ball joints to the tie rods, and it’s basically like slamming them with a hammer,” Allen said. “So, and the bad roads, the constant up and down puts more wear on them than general, so the parts wear out on them a little bit quicker.”

“Half the time it knocks the alignment out, and I’ve had a blowout, too, before,” said Jerry Agatucci.

Drivers say they are tired of trying to dodge the potholes.

“I almost cuss everytime I hit one,” Agatucci said.

“I’ve had a few myself on my regular road, taking my kids to school, where one day it’s good and the next day I’m flying along and wham, there’s a pothole there, and you gotta remember where it is and pull over and avoid it,” said Allen.

“It’s frustrating, jeez, I mean you gotta watch them more than you watch the traffic,” said Agatucci.

Public works crews will be out patching potholes until the next winter weather system moves through. Peoria Public Works encourages everyone who sees a pothole to go on their website and report it. The Peoria Cares Smartphone App can also be used to address potholes. 

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