Peoria School District board leaders breakdown learning options, parents are given two options for remote learning

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Parents will have the option to either enroll their child in distance learning or remote learning this year.

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Parents have two learning options to choose from this year.

Thursday, the Peoria Public Schools Board fleshed out details since recently deciding to only do remote learning for the fall semester.

Parents will have the option to either enroll their child in distance learning or remote learning.

School board members said virtual learning is considered to be more flexible. This method is individualized. Kids will watch prerecorded videos and answer multiple-choice questions and short answers throughout the videos to retain the information. However, with this method, students will use an online program called Acellus and they will not have their classroom teacher, necessarily. They will be assigned teachers from a pool of Peoria Schools District teachers.

To make sure the students’ aren’t being left behind, teachers will look at the answers submitted by students, and adjust the curriculum accordingly.

The other option families can choose is distanced learning. Board leaders said this will be more like traditional learning. Through this method, students will use Microsoft Teams. This will be a teacher-led learning system. Students will have their respective classroom teachers. They will also be able able to interact with their classmates and teachers. Students will have to participate five days a week at scheduled times.

The school board spent nearly four hours deliberating on how to financially accommodate the two methods. Leaders agreed they will purchase up to 938 of Acellus Virtual School Licenses for parents who choose this option. This will cost the district no more than $93,800.

The school board did not say if or when the deadline will be for parents to make a decision. Parents who choose virtual learning can opt to revert back to in-person learning in the spring.

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