Peoria Stadium plays host to hometown teams

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High school football is officially in full swing.

But this season has been different and very special to Peorias’ hometown teams.

Peoria Stadium is now playing host to all Peorias’ hometown teams.

Richwoods, Peoria High, Manual and Peoria Notre Dame use the stadium Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.

The roof of the stadium is also being renovated.

Richwoods’ Principal Brett Elliott says by all home teams playing at the stadium makes for a very exciting weekend for high school football.

“It’s kind of exciting to have a Thursday night game. It gets the week going even quicker. And then we had a beautiful afternoon last Saturday. Just different styles. It gives you the kind of playoff atmosphere that we’ll have on the Saturday afternoon games,” Elliott said.

Currently, Richwoods is having its track redone, but Elliott says the project is ahead of schedule.

“It’s different for Richwoods. Obviously, we have our own stadium, but we’re excited to get a new track so we’re all at the Peoria stadium. It brings back the nostalgia on the Peoria stadium,” Elliott said.

Elliott hopes to be able to have senior night back at Richwoods for the final game of the season.

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