PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The horseshoe is looking a little different for Peoria City Council. On Tuesday a special meeting was held to swear in new at large members. The horseshoe holds 11 spots including the Mayor’s. The chambers were filled with cheers and a few tears.

Mike Vespa and Bernice Gordon-Young were sworn in for the first time at the meeting. Zachary Oyler, Kiran Velpula and John Kelly once again took oaths to serve the city.

Beth Jensen and Sid Ruckriegel bid their farewells and gave best wishes to the incoming members.

“I know you two will serve the city well and I believe you both carry some of my attributes that will be missing once I leave,” said Jensen.

“I look forward to what you do with the work we have laid in foundation and where you carry that forward. And the new work that we have not been able to start and you will be able to do as well,” said Ruckriegel.