PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria Symphony Orchestra is showing unity with Ukraine at their subscription end-of-the-season concert, at the Civic Center in Peoria Saturday night, April 23.

It’s titled “Unity with Ukraine,” aiming to inspire peace and celebrate the country and its people and culture through music. People will also have an opportunity to donate to four organizations aiding Ukrainians through the war with Russia–Doctor’s Without Borders, The Red Cross, UNICEF, and World Central Kitchen.

At rehearsal Friday night, April 22, Peoria Symphony Orchestra musicians came together to practice the moving music that will be performed during the show. George Stelluto, the orchestra’s Music Director, said they’re trying to bring awareness to the war on the country, and the people who live there.

“Music has a great ability to let you, help you let down your guard, and open your mind at the same time,” Stelluto said. “So in this case, I think it will offer everyone an opportunity to listen to this music, kind of think about the fact that we’re all, humanity is all one people.”

Along with the Ukrainian National Anthem sung by a choir, the orchestra will perform two pieces– Tchaikovsky’s Symphony Number 2, called Ukrainian, and Beethoven’s Concerto Number 4.

Stelluto said Tchaikovsky’s family roots are Ukrainian and the piece uses many Ukrainian folk melodies.

“It’s just a way to immerse yourself in the Slavic culture that is Ukraine.,” Stelluto said.

James Giles, the pianist for Beethoven’s Concerto Number 4, said the piece is one of Beethoven’s most “serene and human, and spiritual, creations.”

“It lacks the drama and the fury and fire,” Giles said. “I think at this particular time, as we’re thinking about the horrible things that are going on in Ukraine, I hope that the Beethoven is a source of peace.”

Giles said he hopes people leave the concert inspired and united.

“This great music that represents the best of Western culture is about itself, it’s about humanity and great spiritual things that humans can achieve,” Giles said.

The concert begins Saturday at the Civic Center at 7:20 p.m.