PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — President Biden is urging communities to spend more COVID-19 American Rescue Plan Funds on public safety.

He invited city officials from around the country this Friday afternoon to discuss how the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package is being spent on policing and public safety projects.

Biden said that with summer approaching, crime will be rising and he wants communities to exhaust all measures to prevent it.

Peoria City Manager, Patrick Urich, said the city was granted a little more than $47 million in American Rescue Plan Funds.

Urich said $5.2 million will be spent on violence reduction over the next four years, with numerous projects beginning this year.

“We have regular meetings of our safety network, the SNET. It’s a group of community representatives that are looking at and evaluating various violence reduction initiatives,” said Urich.

He said they will issue out requests for proposals to move forward with some of those initiatives.

“We’re going to ask the council for $25,000 to start an assessment of a program called Cure Violence, which is a violence interruption program that treats gun violence as a public health issue,” said Urich.

Urich said they are looking to invest in workforce development to help with crime prevention as well.

“Studies has shown the fastest way to drive violence down in your community is to make sure people have access to good jobs that is something we will be working on,” said Urich.