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Peoria Women's Club celebrates Founder's Day

PEORIA, Il - The Peoria Woman's Club came together to celebrate 125 years of their historic building in downtown Peoria. They also celebrated Founder's day to commemorate Clara Bourland who was the first president of the club.

Dozens of women gathered at the clubhouse Sunday afternoon to remember where it all started.
The organization was founded in 1886, making it the second oldest women's club in the country.
Six years later, members took action to build their own clubhouse, which was completed by 1894.

"If you think about it, this building was built before women were able to vote. So, the women wanted to take care of the many needs that they saw within the community," Marjorie Schwebel, President of Peoria Women's Club.

The club actually received a proclamation from Mayor of Peoria Jim Ardis on January 8th during a city council meeting, for their historic journey in the city.

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