Peoria Zoo says goodbye to three lions

Local News

Peoria Zoo said goodbye to three of their female lions on Sunday. These three lions, who are sisters,  were able to be put in the same zoo. They can now call  the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, home.

For Peoria Zoo staff, saying farewell to the lions was very hard but they believe it was for the best.

“They weren’t able to be with the parents. It was too dangerous so it wasn’t like they were a cohesive family group,” Yvonne Strode, director of Peoria Zoo. “Five adult lions is a lot of lions to have in the space we have. New Orleans needed some lions so it was really perfect that all three got to go together. “

Also on Thursday, Peoria Zoo and Peoria Playhouse are having a special where you can pay one entrance fee that’ll get you into both places 

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