Peorians go sledding, racing down hills at Detweiller Park to enjoy snow

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – With temperatures rising and snow still intact, families in Peoria took advantage of the snow on Sunday before it starts to melt.

“When it’s nice like this we’re just trying to get outside and enjoy whatever weather we can, especially this year with kind of being constrained in the home a bit more. When it’s nice we just want to get out and burn some energy,” said Peter Casey.

Casey and his three kids said it was so nice out they didn’t even need their winter coats on Sunday. It was also their first time ever going down the path at Detweiller Park.

“We have been at the other hill in Detweiller but we haven’t been on this one before, this is our first time,” said Liam Casey. His younger sister and brother say they also like this path because it’s steeper and you can go faster.

Pat Cathy took his son to go sledding at this path too and he said they chose this path for the same reason.

“There’s a place to sled right down at the bottom of the park too but it doesn’t have as near as a long or as steep of a hill as this one does,” said Cathy.

Casey said each path has it’s own perks and encourages people to try both.

“It’s a longer run for sure but the other one is a little bit more approachable there’s a parking lot right there and they also have a footpath with a rope for hiking back up and stuff,” said Casey.

Cathy says while sledding is a fun family activity, the hardest part is walking up the hill for every run.

“We’re having a great time out in the snow aren’t we son, yeah… going downhill is a lot more fun than going up the hill,” said Cathy.

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