The Peoria Regional Office of Education has reopened in a new location.

They renovated the Franciscan Rec Center on Sterling in West Peoria.

Beth Crider, Regional Superintendent for Peoria County says they are so excited and have been waiting for this day for a long time.

“Moving here to West Peoria puts us closer to the City Center, puts us on a bus line, and allows our students easier access to the school,” she says.

According to the superintendent, they just don’t have buses and need the students to be able to get to the school to experience this optional education.  

“We take all high schools in Peoria County — (they) can come here and go to school if they need another option for their high school education,” Crider says. “And it’s closer to work opportunities for our students when they leave for the day and the summer.”

She says they’ve already talked to Good Will, Preschool for All, Haddad’s Grocery Store… and are looking for other experiences they can build for their students.

They serve 12 schools across the Peoria area.

Crider says they are loving the new space…  that is something that happened over the fall.

They moved in over Christmas break, school started in January and so far so good.