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Pet owners are coming together to remember the lives of their companions

EAST PEORIA - It's been just over two weeks since we first told you about Katy's pet cemetery and crematory in Pekin which is accused of giving clients ashes that weren't from their pets.

A local search organization found an unplugged freezer with pet remains inside leaving owners hurt and shocked.

This weekend, they gathered along the river front to remember their pets that were affected.

Chris Paluska named off all of the know animals that were known to have been cremated or buried. "In loving memory of our beloved friends and our babies. Shilo, Chance, Sunny and Bear Churchill, Zoe, Hank and Baby Brandt, Chevy brown..." The list of pets that were affected by Katy's Pet Cemetery is long. 

On Saturday night, a local organization TRAP, held a memorial service to try and give pet owners some closure.

Kayla Shutt; works for TRAP and organized the memorial. She says, "If they don't have their pets ashes, someone here probably did or at least some of their pet’s ashes, so I feel like just coming together and being there for each other really helped them."

Chris Paluska had 3 pets cremated at Katy's. She says, "And I went back again because the first experience that I had, the woman who took my cat, I didn't have any children at the time, she was very loving and held my cat like a baby and cried with me."

Pet owners like Paluska are left confused and heartbroken. "We are left with unanswered questions, some of us might have had our pets treated well, I don't know. It's a horrible feeling and it brings back the grief and it brings back their death and its awful," says Paluska.

For many of the people at the memorial, their dogs and cats were more than just pets, they were family.

"If you put yourself in that situation and think if that happened to your family member who was human, and you picture them being thrown in the garbage, or let rot or you're visiting a grave site and you find out there's no one there… Somebody's betrayed you," says Paluska.

its still unclear at this time how many pets were not cremated.

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